Last update: 2015/12/25

  1. Mu is a free three-in-one tool of your "[ Web Presence / Command Centre / Personal-Group Assistant ]" for Mobile and (Web)RTC "Real Time Communication" having world info / services at your finger tip. Normative relevant values in all activities and relationships are suggested for you in-part discover and in-part create the Real You, Making Life Easier and Happier.

    It sits on the three pillars of specialized domains based on the best available open-source technologies and services: (1.1) Secure CaaS (Container as a Service) - security rooted in Linux kernel and Unix infrastructure for the Command Centre and ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) for Authenticity, Confidentiality and Integrity of standard CaaS, (1.2) Normative Relevant Value in all activities and relationships - specialized back-end databases built on top of Hadoop Distributed File System and Cayley Graph in Worthy Relationships of the Owner Persona, (1.3) Artificial Intelligence - standard tree nodes of data and services using BoltDB / Cassandra in Data-Modeling, Processing and Simulation.

    These three layers make up the next 40% on top of the bare-metal 20% of data centres. The next 40% are domain and application specializations. The five different layers of specialized value-added services, together with self-contained CaaS, enable many opportunities of efficient market entries with less market barriers to enable grass-root innovations and specializations.

  2. Om hub-orchestration of Open Container (OCI) real-time endpoints for mobile and web apps to store and sync data instantly, capable to serve millions authenticated users with required token to roam around authorized networks. Each user has one's PrivateHub of related tree nodes of data, extracted from publicly available information plus user's "Plan >< Execution >< Feedback" in MuOmSunyata for the relevant Now of the Persona.

  3. Sunyata endpoints of dedicated microservices and web sites in Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), riding on the most modern and efficient infrastructures plus free entry services to democratize the web presence of all involved parties at the most affordable entry points for Value Creation to change Oneself and the environment one a part. Similar to "Sunyata" where only true "ComPassion" and "Prajna"[R2] can be manifested, the endpoints of microservices can only be sustainable with their real contributions naturally filtered by Invisible and Helping Hand of Economics via the aggregate Normative Intelligence.

Om and Sunyata are backend Cloud Services. The project feedback engages stakeholder(s) and facilitates dynamic adjustments from Realities to Actualities of the person / aggregate Right Efforts. The system is an integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence to enable a wider perspective from the Essence of the Right Effort / Living, of not only the relative consequences but also the natural consequences (via Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction) on the Quality of the Consciousness in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. One is fully responsible for one's actions and the environments one a part, changing oneself and the surroundings toward "What Count"[R23].

Why Mu?

  1. Built-in required infrastructure to securely connect You with outside Worlds such as your PrivateHub, Clubs and Communities, etc, to facilitate Mindful Communications and Collaborations in growing the most effective ways your requirements and networks to make happened what most important to you.

  2. Effective channel of consuming and producing activities to allocate scarce resources to what count in a Worthy Existence from Knowing more about yourself and the environments. As a producing party, you offer your specialized value-adds based on what best available in your own Inner Circle and circles of inner circles; each has (1) Free Note+ to mark important tasks in daily activities with possible recommendations in Making Life Easier and Happier, (2) Free one private and unlimited public repositories for your Open Container Images where you can pull down required ones as templates to build your new images / services such as creating your own EPUB-3 book / document, introducing yourself (business card) via Web pages and publishing services in your circles, and (3) Free Proxy Server as a gateway to your relevant activities and services whenever your are on-line. As a consuming channel, you have the most efficient services, voted by your Heart-Mind-Resources pushing the communities toward What Count.

  3. A community of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings that one can connect and cultivate Worthy Relationships where one can be an equal partner in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

How to start Mu?

Please use one of the followings from your device (smart phone, tablet, laptop):

  1. Visit any side built from Mu image such as Note+ - a Free list of "ToDo" Notes (still under construction) that uses Mu image where required information and services can be injected on-demand. If your device does not have Mu you are asked to be authenticated with an email you want to conduct business under this digital hat.

  2. Register using "main" email as a digital hat of your persona with OmHub (still under construction).

  3. Use Docker Pull to download and modify Mu into your Web Presence / Command Centre / Personal Assistant (still under construction), then Push it to your Free public image.

As a Personal Assistant, Mu allows you wearing different hats - under different emails - for different types of activities and relationships, but all under the main email of your persona so the Artificial Intelligence can integrate all aspects of your activities and relationships for your Normative Relevant Information. You can switch digital hat on the fly based on suggested activities and relationships. Each relationship has its own dashboard of your activities, normative evaluations, and optional "[ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ]" in your Conscious Networking.

As a Web Presence, Mu allows your custom-built page or a complete Web Site with an option to push it to your domain name such as Google App Engine. Under CaaS (Container as a Service) you can Pull Book image to create a new standard epub-3 book / document of your own content.

As a Command Centre, Mu is your device local Hub of digital and physical networks where Artificial Intelligence is pushed to the edges having Normative Relevant Value of suggested Activities and Relationships, Making Life Easier and Happier.



Last update: 2015/12/25

Mu is a Mobile and (Web)RTC Real Time Communication client, serving as free three-in-one [ Web Presence / Command Centre / Personal-Group Assistant ].

It is built on the three pillars of specialized domains (1) Secure CaaS (Container as a Service) - security rooted in Linux kernel and Unix infrastructure for the Command Centre and ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) for Authenticity, Confidentiality and Integrity of standard CaaS, (2) Normative Relevant Value in all activities and relationships - specialized back-end databases built on top of Hadoop Distributed File System and Cayley Graph in Worthy Relationships of the Owner Registered Persona, (3) Artificial Intelligence - standard tree nodes of data and services using BoltDB / Cassandra in Data-Modeling, Processing and Simulation.

They are secure container-based microservices of both front-and-back ends, comprising of nested infrastructure of "ToDos" written in such a way that a component (todo node) depends only on its bindings and directly affects only its children. It is a "node" in the graph database for relationships and recommendations. Its local data are sync to the cloud databases. The Service Analytics are built in from the core you can optionally turn on that we - as a general rule - ride on established proven technologies in development and operation to assist you discovering the Value of values in a big picture via forecasting and what-if simulation.

In the simplest form, Mu is Free and combined with Group+ to bring relevant information, promotions, products and services - riding on the purchasing power of the Group - to the listed ToDos. The Plus is where secure container-based microservices can be injected on-demand to enable user networking with like-mind to build one's Circle and circles of inner circles in one's PrivateHub coming with the Free Note+ and image repositories, successfully used by developers for documenting private works and/or collaborating toward some common interest.

The nodes are structurally linked together for specialized back-end Sunyata Microservices once the user has obtained (authentication and authorization) token from Om User real-time endpoints. Data mining with built-in functional programming are researched and experimented after facts to make happened Normative Relevant Value in your activities and relationships.



Last update: 2015/12/25

Om is a custom Hub Orchestration of Open Container (OCI) real-time authentication and authorization for mobile and web apps, acting as a gateway to BudhNet Microservices, generating activities and relationships. It stores and syncs data instantly via two cloud databases for each user: BoltDB for raw data of relevant Now and Cayley Graph of the Persona relationships. In off-line, data are stored in Linux Distributed File System via Open Containers and Mobile Apps to be synchronized when the device regains connectivity.

Om is connected to Sunyata endpoints of specialized Microservices and static web sites having both Normative and Artificial Intelligence to enable everyone an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environments one a part toward "What Count"[R23].



Last update: 2015/12/25

Sunyata is a cloud-based collection of specialized Microservices and web information of participating providers in Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem where one can lean on relevant Communities across data centres to value add an innovative "sauce / spice" that may be significant in "Making Life Easier and Happier" for others.

From provider's View, the system rides on Free Services at entry level of major cloud providers. It facilitates the DIY "PrajnaLand" - a private Network of Networks - at minimum cost while consciously working on one's "Plan" to know more about oneself and Change the environment in the "Right Effort" since one is both a producer and consumer of "What Count"[R23]. In your "PrivateHub", user of required roles can roam around its private spaces and use your services.

Connecting providers together, there is an Exchange Hub for connecting and combining available services for a more value-added aggregate service that provider can assemble due to standard container unit. The process takes care of transaction, compliance, and accounting services at different layers of the microservice.

At the angle of the whole system, accessible data can be pulled together for Big-Data processing, augmenting the "Alertness" and "Awareness" toward What Count. Using the universal "Standardized OpenData", there is no cost of data transformation to drive the service-based ecosystem where the required depth and sophistication are driven by Value of the Values to further reduce the cost of services due to specializations. Data ownership belongs to the user if required to properly manage one's PrivateHub, who can read/write the contents, together with storage and backup strategies.

IPR: creating an infrastructure As a Service to make happened a possible Intellectual Property Right for Clusters of Open Innovation (COIN) properly managed, serving the Whole.

Note+: an Open-Container App built on the relevant Now [BoltDB and Cayley], automatically synchronized across devices and cloud infrastructures. ToDos is the building node of any microservice App - a nested infrastructure of ToDos - having standardized connections to persistent database and container communications. Developers only need to concern with what ToDos in the App, riding on available services from other producers. Users concern only the service value and its content creation. The relevant-now Note+ is for mobile phone and small devices. The heavier version - having embedded git, proxy server and relevant-now graph - is for tablet / laptop and heavier devices to work on-line and/or off-line. The microservice structure is applied to:

  1. Site+: static information of web sites

  2. Group+: Group purchasing power based on your ToDos and Notes

  3. Pub+: Publishing Services with optional other services

  4. Confer+: Browser-based WebRTC for personal, professional and group conferences, riding on Pulse+ and Group+. It is also the contact center of omnichannel shopping.

  5. Pulse+: Data collections and analyses of evidenced-based policies and program in "Open Government". Effectiveness is evaluated based on outcomes rather than inputs. The emphasis is on available data and generated information using new technologies, particularly relating to cost effective practice, and increased requirement for effective monitoring and evaluation systems. It is an effective strategic planning and management system when combined with Balanced Scorecard designed for the target.

  6. Invest+: Investor and Ambassador to promote what they have a stake and believe in

  7. Plan+ from Task > Plan > Project: Time Sheet, Professional Services, Shared Services, Project and Program Management

  8. Club+: Nfp Civil Society either from local to global and/or reverse from Global Service to Local Presence

  9. Hr+: generating an Infrastructure As a Service Human culture where people of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat / Capital ] are the driving forces.

  10. Channel+: Chat public forums