Last update: 2015/12/25

Mu is a Mobile and (Web)RTC Real Time Communication client, serving as free three-in-one [ Web Presence / Command Centre / Personal-Group Assistant ].

It is built on the three pillars of specialized domains (1) Secure CaaS (Container as a Service) - security rooted in Linux kernel and Unix infrastructure for the Command Centre and ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) for Authenticity, Confidentiality and Integrity of standard CaaS, (2) Normative Relevant Value in all activities and relationships - specialized back-end databases built on top of Hadoop Distributed File System and Cayley Graph in Worthy Relationships of the Owner Registered Persona, (3) Artificial Intelligence - standard tree nodes of data and services using BoltDB / Cassandra in Data-Modeling, Processing and Simulation.

They are secure container-based microservices of both front-and-back ends, comprising of nested infrastructure of "ToDos" written in such a way that a component (todo node) depends only on its bindings and directly affects only its children. It is a "node" in the graph database for relationships and recommendations. Its local data are sync to the cloud databases. The Service Analytics are built in from the core you can optionally turn on that we - as a general rule - ride on established proven technologies in development and operation to assist you discovering the Value of values in a big picture via forecasting and what-if simulation.

In the simplest form, Mu is Free and combined with Group+ to bring relevant information, promotions, products and services - riding on the purchasing power of the Group - to the listed ToDos. The Plus is where secure container-based microservices can be injected on-demand to enable user networking with like-mind to build one's Circle and circles of inner circles in one's PrivateHub coming with the Free Note+ and image repositories, successfully used by developers for documenting private works and/or collaborating toward some common interest.

The nodes are structurally linked together for specialized back-end Sunyata Microservices once the user has obtained (authentication and authorization) token from Om User real-time endpoints. Data mining with built-in functional programming are researched and experimented after facts to make happened Normative Relevant Value in your activities and relationships.

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