Last update: 2015/12/25

Sunyata is a cloud-based collection of specialized Microservices and web information of participating providers in Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem where one can lean on relevant Communities across data centres to value add an innovative "sauce / spice" that may be significant in "Making Life Easier and Happier" for others.

From provider's View, the system rides on Free Services at entry level of major cloud providers. It facilitates the DIY "PrajnaLand" - a private Network of Networks - at minimum cost while consciously working on one's "Plan" to know more about oneself and Change the environment in the "Right Effort" since one is both a producer and consumer of "What Count"[R23]. In your "PrivateHub", user of required roles can roam around its private spaces and use your services.

Connecting providers together, there is an Exchange Hub for connecting and combining available services for a more value-added aggregate service that provider can assemble due to standard container unit. The process takes care of transaction, compliance, and accounting services at different layers of the microservice.

At the angle of the whole system, accessible data can be pulled together for Big-Data processing, augmenting the "Alertness" and "Awareness" toward What Count. Using the universal "Standardized OpenData", there is no cost of data transformation to drive the service-based ecosystem where the required depth and sophistication are driven by Value of the Values to further reduce the cost of services due to specializations. Data ownership belongs to the user if required to properly manage one's PrivateHub, who can read/write the contents, together with storage and backup strategies.

IPR: creating an infrastructure As a Service to make happened a possible Intellectual Property Right for Clusters of Open Innovation (COIN) properly managed, serving the Whole.

Note+: an Open-Container App built on the relevant Now [BoltDB and Cayley], automatically synchronized across devices and cloud infrastructures. ToDos is the building node of any microservice App - a nested infrastructure of ToDos - having standardized connections to persistent database and container communications. Developers only need to concern with what ToDos in the App, riding on available services from other producers. Users concern only the service value and its content creation. The relevant-now Note+ is for mobile phone and small devices. The heavier version - having embedded git, proxy server and relevant-now graph - is for tablet / laptop and heavier devices to work on-line and/or off-line. The microservice structure is applied to:

  1. Site+: static information of web sites

  2. Group+: Group purchasing power based on your ToDos and Notes

  3. Pub+: Publishing Services with optional other services

  4. Confer+: Browser-based WebRTC for personal, professional and group conferences, riding on Pulse+ and Group+. It is also the contact center of omnichannel shopping.

  5. Pulse+: Data collections and analyses of evidenced-based policies and program in "Open Government". Effectiveness is evaluated based on outcomes rather than inputs. The emphasis is on available data and generated information using new technologies, particularly relating to cost effective practice, and increased requirement for effective monitoring and evaluation systems. It is an effective strategic planning and management system when combined with Balanced Scorecard designed for the target.

  6. Invest+: Investor and Ambassador to promote what they have a stake and believe in

  7. Plan+ from Task > Plan > Project: Time Sheet, Professional Services, Shared Services, Project and Program Management

  8. Club+: Nfp Civil Society either from local to global and/or reverse from Global Service to Local Presence

  9. Hr+: generating an Infrastructure As a Service Human culture where people of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat / Capital ] are the driving forces.

  10. Channel+: Chat public forums

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